Renaud Pellegrino

Renaud Pellegrino, the brand of an authentic tallent.
For decades, Renaud Pellegrino has worked passionately in the workshops that shape leather and noble materials. Skilful Craftsman, he quickly established himself as a reference designer and collaborated with great designers.  Then he works under his own label  that he always hides inside his models … but the initiates know better and recognise his style at first glance.
He creates for women and their contemporary lives. The leathers are light, the shapes match the body, generous pockets during the day, it becomes a star accessory at night. The interiors, infinitely trimmed, merge or contrast with the exterior and reserve for those who make use of it an intimate experience that is entirely dedicated to them.
 Often, he revisits the precious know-how of the best craftsmen in the world and brings a modernity twist. Fashion never dictates his designs, he creates his own, unique and authentic designs and shares them with the world; revealing our buried desires of the moment.