Renaud Pellegrino

For nearly 40 years Renaud Pellegrino has been the artistic, aesthetic and skillful handbag designer to the Parisian elite.

In the earlier years of his career he collaborated with the likes of Yves Saint Laurent creating specific collections for the brand that would be the first ever to be shown on an YSL runway. In parallel, he began to play with surprising color combinations and patchworks to delight the eyes of fashion lovers. He went on to develop inspiring bag construction techniques and soon opened his own boutique in Paris where he would develop limited edition and unique bags for both day wear and evening.

Each handbag is created with the utmost attention to detail whether it be the shapes, the beautiful linings, the metalwork, the color combinations, textures and embroideries. Hand stitching, hand embroidery are found in many of the unique pieces of his collection.

Not dictated by fashion trends, Renaud Pellegrino’s collections are timeless, offering women beautiful cratfmanship with artistry and elegance.